Transitions Group


There have been quite a few meetings and more are planned. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

Issues discussed: Mission and Vision; election of 1 lead from each church; profile for each church and the group; job description; advertisement; housing; timetable for transition; name for the new group; rotas; timing of services; Joint Council and PCCs; Finance; administration; websites.

1/. Each church has now produced its own profile, which will form part of the profile document for the new group.

2/. Job Description. Under way. 

3/.  Advertisement. To be done

4/.  Timetable for transition. Job description and advertisement by end of liturgical year. Approintment and take up of post as early as possible in 2021.

5/. Newbuild property identified in Carnon Downs.

6/. Name for new group. Agreement that it should have a water theme. Either The Riverside Churches orThe Waterside Churches. 

7/. Rotas. New rotas to start on September 6th. It should be possible, in the long term, to ensure at least 1 and hopefully 2 HC services each week in the group. Other services will include Service of the Word, Family Services, Worship 4 All, Early morning BCP; midweek Eucharist; Services led by our Methodist friends. We are also looking at other types of provision, with an emphasis on children and the young as well as outreach.

8/.  Sunday morning services will start at 10.00 am in each church. BCP at PAW yet to be arranged. Methodists have agreed to provide a service per month at PAW, which could include HC.

9/. These arrangements will erase the previously serious drawback under the 8 Saints arrangements of clergy having to rush away after a service. There was far too much time spent in cars, when it should be spent with the people after services over refreshments.

10/.  This will also allow more consistent staffing of services in each church, different types of service may be delivered to offer choices for people to attend, and cut down on expenses outlay.

11/.  The rota can be planned to allow clergy/lay worship leaders/readers/outside leaders/Methodist input/family services etc to be moved around weekly or monthly or quarterly or however often            we feel best serves the 3 churches.

12/. There is recognition that the period from September 2020 until the arrival of a newly appointed priest will be challenging. It may mean that, whilst we agree on the long term rota schedule,      the intervening period will be as close to the finished article as possible, but will have drawbacks. 

13/. The idea of Focal Ministry was raised. This is an overview which is designed to set the context for our changes and future arrangements. It would set up a ministry team for each church under the guidance of the new priest. There was much discussion about this, but no agreement. To be looked at again later. 

14/.  The concept of a Joint Council having responsibility for mission and vision has been discussed, with each

15/.  That would enable each church to retain its own PCC and control of finance and assets and other areas. Payment of MMF would be by each PCC

16/.  The new group will have a voluntary administrator until the the new incumbent arrives. This will begoin when we officially split from the 8 Saints Cluster and become a group of 3 churches.

17/.  Need for an office or not is being discussed.

18/. Website provision is being discussed.

19/. Practical work on leaving the 8 Saints administrative umbrella has begun.