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9:30am unless stated


Bible ref.




January 14th

2 Being accepted

Matthew 9:9-13

Matthew the tax collector

X Stream 2 Tax collector rap

January 21st

2 Being inlcuded

Matthew 15:21-28

Canaanite woman

Story book Memory prism

January 28th

Family Service in the Church Hall 




February 4th Simon

4 Given the choice

Mark 10: 17-31

The rich young man

Splash 4 Daily prompts

February 11th Margaret S


5 Time to be wise

Psalm 119:9-16 and Proverbs 10

Guidance on how to live

Treasure hunt

February 18th Half Term 





February 25th

Family Service




March 4 Simon

6 Isaac is born

Genesis 18:1-15 and 21:1-8

God's promise to Abraham 

A family tree

March 11th Mothering Sunday

Family Service



March 18th Steve F

7 Abraham passes the test 

Genesis 22

Trusting God

Splash 7 Wheel of trust 

March 25th Ann B

8 Isaac's children

Genesis 25:19-34 and 27:1-45

  Family life can be messy

Puzzles Easter crafts

April 1st

Easter Sunday 































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