Fund Raising


This year we need to replenish our church funds to account for the money spent on the repair and Maintenance Project and money doesn't grow on trees. We have an active little committee who work tirelessly. Each year they come up with various events. You will note that some happen every year because either they are good money-spinners or are just popular.....or both. We are always open to new suggestions, so please do not hesitate to use our Get In Touch Page.

Fund Raising and Social Events 2018

  January/February/March/April 2018 David's weight challenge New Year Resolution     LOTS!!  
Saturday February 3rd Soup & Puddings 12-2pm Village Hall Minimum £5 donation  £200 £200
Sunday  March 18th - July 2018 £10 Talents          
Saturday  May 12th 2018 Plant Sale 9.30-1.00pm Village Hall   £1200  
Sunday May 20th 2018 Church Open Cream Tea 2.30 -5.00pm        
Sunday July/August 2018 Croquet & Cream Tea 2.00-5.30pm J & c Dowding £6 including raffle ticket £200  
Saturday October 13th Soup & Puddings 12.00-2.00pm Village Hall Minimum £5 donation £200  
Satrurday November 10th Bridge Drive 1.45pm - 5.15pm Church Hall   £600  
    Christmas Raffle       £200  

In addition Tim and Lorraine are hosting as series of Sunday lunches. I can vouch that the food is delicious and the lunch is leisurely. All they ask is that there is a donation of £10. This a guide figure as people are free to donate whatever they wish. Every penny goes to the church. If you'd like to take part there will be a sign up sheet at the back of church.

Editor's thought: You may have noticed that food seems to be a central theme!! AND ONLY ONE PERSON IS PROMISING TO LOSE WEIGHT!



Fund Raising
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