Annual Report


St Piran's Church Perran-ar-Worthal
Perran-ar-Worthal Parochial Church Council
Annual Church Reports and Accounts
for the year ending
31st December 2016

The principal objective of the PCC is to further the work of the Church of England in the Parish of Perranarworthal. St Piran’s Church is situated in Church Road, Perranarworthal. The PCC is a body corporate and a charity excepted from registration.

The Parochial Church Council for 2015/16:-
Mrs H McCombie Churchwarden and Lay Chair
Mr P Stuart Churchwarden/ Health & Safety
Mrs I Guinchard Secretary
Miss P Wilcocks Treasurer
Mrs A Hewitt Deputy Treasurer
Mrs C Ryall
Mrs G Farnworth Deanery Synod Representative
Mr D Simmonds Deanery Synod Representative
Mrs J Stuart
Mr I Halford
Mrs J Dundon
Mrs J Thomas
Mrs G Warden
Mrs V Evans
Mr A Woodbridge
The full PCC met five times during the year plus the Annual General Meeting.

Priest in Charge
Reverend Simon Bone

Financial Report
St Piran’s Church completes 2016 after another busy and successful period of fund raising. Free standing radiators have been installed to protect the fabric of the Church. At the end of the 2016 financial period, the overall asset value is £46,966 which contrasts with the previous financial year where the stated reported asset figure was £43,447 at 31st December 2015. This is a tribute to the generous increase in regular giving and continued fund raising activity. This has allowed us to build up our reserves. We are extremely grateful for the time, commitment and efforts put in by the Church Wardens and so many others. The beautiful flower arrangements are always appreciated as are the efforts put in to keep the Church and Church Hall operating effectively. Our thanks also to the working party for all their ongoing hard work in maintaining the Churchyard and Church. Our largest outgoing each month is the Mission and Ministry Fund, payable to the Diocese, with total payment in 2016 of £18,500 which was our full offering. Weddings and baptisms remain on a similar level to 2015. The monthly, weekly and yearly Bank Gift Aid donations, along with one off donations, provide the Church with regular and reliable funds which have contributed towards a dependable receipts balance at the end of each month. We are very grateful for the invaluable continued support of parishioners. The clergy in the Eight Saints Cluster make regular visits to the Church and the clergy expenses remain at a reasonable level each month. Insurance of the Church and Church Hall with Ecclesiastical continues to be another major outgoing. It is gratifying to also see the Sunday school activities and the children in church. Thanks are due to all those who have made this possible. The accounts reporting system is now well embedded and has made reporting very much easier. I have very much appreciated working with Annie Hewitt and for all her help again this year.
Patricia Wilcocks
Honorary Treasurer
Dated: 1st March 2017

Restrictive Funds
The Bell Tower Fund receives donations from the Truro and District Ringers and from visiting ringers to the Tower. The Fabric Fund provided funds for the new radiators. The remaining balance in this fund at the end of this year is £17,525. Although slightly less than the same period last year, the considerable fund raising activities have gone a long way in replenishing this fund and reflects the time and effort put into money raising activities. We also received funds from the Community Grant Scheme towards the heating. The Churchyard Fund received a non- recurring grant of £500 from Perranarworthal Parish Council which helped with upkeep of the churchyard. Coffee Stop continues to be a popular meeting point for many in the village. The funds collected this year met all of its expenses and was also able to make a contribution to the village Defibrillator Fund. Perranwell Methodist Church made a very generous donation to the Church when they officially joined us which was greatly appreciated. We look forward to many happy years worshipping together. A generous bequest from the estate of Marion Carder was gratefully received. The closing balance of £705 in the Pearl of Africa fund raised through Sunday Church coffee donations, will be donated to them in the early part of 2017. Through donations and from Coffee Stop we have £615 to purchase a portable defibrillator for use in the
Church and Church hall.

Patricia Wilcocks
Honorary Treasurer
Dated: 1st March 2017

I have examined the originals documents and records of accounts for the year end 31 December 2016 to a Trial Balance total of £84,789.26 and showing asset value of £46,966. I am pleased to be able to report that I find the accounts to be a true and accurate representation of the financial positions of the St Pirans P.C.C.and commend Miss
Wilcocks and Mrs Hewitt on their work in the year.

Beverlie Horton

Churchwardens' Report
Following receipt of the Bishop of Plymouth’s report on the cluster review, which he undertook in late 2015, an open cluster meeting was held in January to discuss his findings. An action plan was then drawn up by the clergy aimed at addressing some of the issues raised. Our website went live in February and contains valuable information about our church. Consistently receiving over 12.000 hits a month it has helped people near and far keep in touch with St. Piran’s. It can be found at After a time of gradual transition the Methodist congregation decided during the year to join St. Piran’s at all services and therefore cease to use our church at 11am for their own worship. A special Service of Unity was held in May which was jointly celebrated by both Anglican and Methodist clergy. This action has been very warmly welcomed and already our Methodist friends are assisting with the running of the church in many ways. It is now five years since the formation of the Eight Saints Cluster and to mark the occasion a
service of celebration was held in June. The event was well attended with Bishop Tim giving the address and all the churches contributing towards the service with music, song and drama. The evening culminated with a BBQ very ably prepared by members of St. Piran’s Church Perran-ar-Worthal. Piran’s People continues to meet during term time and many of them enjoyed a very successful Holiday Club held at the beginning of August. The Fellowship Group meet regularly and the Lent lunches and Coffee Stop continue to be very well supported by the village community. We wish to thank all the clergy and lay leaders who lead our worship throughout the year. Our grateful thanks are also extended to so many of the congregation who reliably assist with all the tasks required to keep the church, hall and grounds clean and maintained.
Heather McCombie
Paul Stuart
January 2017

Tower Captain's Report
Our band membership is now eight (seven adults and one junior). We have however managed to ring all six bells for most Sunday services throughout the year. Regular Tuesday evening practices have continued with the second Tuesday practice each month being run as a District practice which has been well supported. We have also had good support at our ordinary practice nights recently from a couple of local visiting ringers which has made the practices more rewarding and useful to the local band than would otherwise be the case. During 2016 we rang for five weddings and one funeral. My thanks go to all the members of the band for their willing support and help throughout the year.
Alun Thomas
11th February, 2017

Organ and Choir Report for 2017
As many of you will know, following an accident I have been unable to play the Organ at Church for some weeks. I hope very much to return soon.I would like to thank Lance Foy for stepping in for me so efficiently, and I know you will have enjoyed his playing. Lance has restored and maintained our Organ for many years, and I hope he has enjoyed playing it. I would also like to thank George Stevens for his playing at the Family Service, well done George. The Choir Members, although small in number, have led the singing at our services with great commitment and we so much appreciate them. Thank you. 
Juliet Dundon.
February 2017

Perran-ar-Worthal Handbell Ringers
This year proved to be a mixture of sadness and excitement. Our first two engagements of the year were at Mawnan Church where we rang for the funeral of founder member Chris Banks, and then at Penmount Crematorium where we rang for another loved member, Thora Angell, who lost her battle with cancer. Both Chris and Thora are sadly missed. In July we rang for a wedding at Portscatho in the open. The weather was unpredictable and we were forced to keep covering the bells. We managed to entertain the early guests with ‘Singing in the Rain’. However it managed to stay dry for the ceremony. As usual we worked with the children at the holiday club and visited care homes and other social groups during the middle of the year. The excitement of the year was meeting Gareth Malone and making a recording with him for his Christmas Album. You can read details of the day together with pictures on the Church website. Christmas was busy as usual with ringing for Mylor Christmas Fayre, the pre-school Christmas concert and a charity concert at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth. In Church we rang for the Christingle Service and the Carol Service, and the children rang for the Crib Service. We have gained two new members, keeping our team at a steady membership of fourteen. Should you know of any group that would like us to provide entertainment, please contact Janet
Thomas (01872 862876).
Janet Thomas
20th February 2017

Perranwell Christian Fellowship
The Christian Fellowship continues to meet fortnightly throughout the year with a dozen regular members. Early in the year we continued to use meditations by Monseigneur Thomas Waldron on readings from St. Matthew’s Gospel. We then planned the Lent Lunches and decided upon Water Aid and Action for Children as our charities for 2016. Twenty people helped prepare the meals and we raised £1,150. The Lent Study in 2016 was based on a film, ‘The Way’. The film was well received, but the structure of the course proved more difficult. So after Lent the Fellowship Group followed up by looking at sections of the film again, and we gained  a great deal from the discussions that resulted. After a break during August we spent the Autumn sessions looking in depth at our Sunday readings and sermons. Meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 for 7:30. Do come and join us.
Janet Thomas
19th February, 2017

Piran’s People
Piran’s People continue to meet in the Church Hall every Sunday in term time, except for Family Worship Sundays. We have 9 regular attendees with ages ranging from 2 to 10 and four of the mums stay as well, making it more of a family time. We usually follow a Scripture Union scheme - “Splash” (for ages 5-8), and “X-stream” (for ages 8-11). This forms the basis of our Bible teaching and we try to sing some suitable worship songs. Now that a monitor is available in the Church Hall we can use resources from the internet, although that relies on personal data allowances. We try to hold a seasonal party each term, which is open to other children who may not have attended the Sunday sessions. The regulars are encouraged to bring along friends rather than just putting a poster out. We held a Light party on October 31st as an alternative to Halloween events. This year we had craft activities, carving orange peppers and making jam jar lanterns. They were invited to bring two friends so about 20 children came. We did not hold an Epiphany party this year as too many of the regular attendees were unable to come. However we did hold a Pizza and Lego making social evening, which was a great success. Two mums rushed home with the prepared pizza, cooked them and brought them back so we could share a lovely meal. The children all brought a friend so we did have 7 who do not attend on Sundays. We usually have an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Saturday where we also make an Easter garden. We rely very much on the mums who stay to help and cover when I am away, and it is a joy to work with such lovely people. Charlotte Brumpton continues to help and this contributes to her Duke of Edinburgh award. Whenever possible I try to get the interns involved. They are much younger than I, can act as role models and it’s fun to have young people around! This will be our greatest challenge in the future – to keep young people committed as they get into their teens.
Chris Ryall
February 2017

Fund Raising and Social Report
The Fund Raising Committee are Jacqui Hopwood, Veronica Eccleston, David Simmons, Heather McCombie Ian Halford and Tricia Wilcocks. We meet in January to plan events for the year. In 2016 we held a variety of events which involved both the church family and local community. We started the year with a celebration of the Queens 90th birthday on April 21st with a Coffee Morning in the Village Hall and raffle of a luxury hamper. It was a great opportunity to get out the bunting and flags and have a community celebration. The Plant Sale was a great success once again. The Bridge and Beetle Drive, Cream Tea and Croquet were all enjoyed and well supported. This year we also had three walks arranged by Gill Warden where the group enjoyed afternoons ambling along looking at some very interesting old mining sites followed by tea and cake in the Church Hall. Another event was a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s, The Mikado. We also tried a Car Boot sale but must have chosen the wrong day as people were not buying which was rather disappointing. We ended the year with a raffle of a Christmas Hamper. Thank you to everyone who has organised or helped in any way with the fund raising events and to all who have supported the activities. These events raise a significant sum of much needed funds which are used for general church expenses and this year we have also been able to top up the Fabric Fund. This year we raised approximately £2,750. We hope that the programme of events interest you and would welcome new ideas and new fundraisers to join us.
Patricia Wilcocks
January 2017

Deanery Report
Various meetings of representatives have taken place throughout the year in the Carnmarth North Deanery Area. As ever these occasions are opportunities to discuss and pray for all the churches and their roles in their various communities, including ourselves here at Perran-ar-Worthal. The meetings recently have had particular focus on financial matters. This has resulted in presentations and lots of discussion about how much each church should contribute to the MMF (Ministry and Mission Fund). This has required Treasurers and Churchwardens to attend on some occasions. I would like to thank Gill Farnworth for being my fellow Deanery Representative until recently. It was good having Gill’s input and interest. I have now come to the end of my latest three year term. I am likely to be happy to stand again. However, I am hoping that someone will also be elected at the Annual meeting to work with me in this role.
David Simmons
January 2017

The Christingle Service
After 17 years, Jane Halford has handed over responsibility as the link person with The Children’s Society and for making the Christingles each year. During this time, about £250 has been raised each year through the donations of members of our congregation for The Children’s Society.
January 2017

Church Flowers
Once again, the generosity of various members of the parish has helped offset the cost of purchasing flowers for the weekly altar arrangements. These gifts have usually been given in memory of a family member or on the anniversary of a wedding. These gifts are greatly appreciated, as is the continuing assistance of the small and willing band of
ladies, who take on the responsibility for arranging the flowers each week. Don’t be shy – come and join us. Instruction and help with the financial cost of buying flowers will be given. Your Church needs you!
Jane Halford
January 2017

Tuesday Work Party
The team of five regulars has met on most Tuesdays throughout the year and the cycle of annual maintenance has continued as in the past. Nothing seems to stop growing and a great deal of clearing of ivy and undergrowth has been a feature of this year, as well as the clearing of gutters and gullies [wives not permitted] and the mud and leaves that cover the road on a regular basis. A concern has been the report, heard recently, that the County Council is planning to stop maintaining closed churchyards. If this comes about, Parish Councils may be given responsibility for this work. We shall watch these developments with some apprehension.
January 2017

Coffee Stop
We have now had regular Thursday coffee mornings for over seven years. The number of people attending each week is fairly constant, donations more than cover our hire charges and occasional gifts of biscuits, coffee and tea supplement our supplies. We have welcomed a number of newcomers to the village, and our team of helpers continues to work very hard to make the morning convivial. Time passes quickly, with a lot of laughter and noise. We all enjoy the change of venue in August, when Barbara and David Wood make us very welcome at their home. A very big thank you from everyone to both of you.
The Team
January 2017

Eight Saints Cluster of Churches - Annual Report 2016
It is now the sixth year since the Eight Saints Cluster began. We continue to make steady progress as we seek to ensure that we can each focus on the Diocesan mission to ‘Discover the Kingdom’ and together ‘Grow the Church’. Each of the eight churches has weekly Sunday worship and there are also regular midweek services in four of the churches. The Clergy (licensed and retired), Readers and Local Worship Leaders have managed to cover all of these services although at times covering the rota has been a challenge and our thanks go to all who have lead worship this year. In response to a recommendation from the cluster review we have met with our wardens, treasurers, readers, worship leaders, pastoral minsters and retired clergy to thank them for all they do and discuss how we can continue to work together well and better support them in the future. Steve and Elly continue to develop their ministries across the cluster with Elly taking pastoral responsibility at Gwennap. Our cluster administrator Wendy continues to be an invaluable resource across the cluster and as of the 1st February 2017 she is now employed by the cluster. We have striven to increase our methods of communication across the cluster and now have our very own cluster website and publish a quarterly newsletter along with our online diary and pastoral services diary for keeping records of occasional offices. The WAY2 Internship continues to develop, we welcomed Daniel, Christine and Sophie into the Community House and the role of warden was taken over by Tess Lowe and Melissa Goodrum acting as her deputy. The interns are beginning to become established in many of the churches across the cluster and explore their vocations, they have been on placement with the St. Petroc’s society and other placements will include the university, Treliske hospital and the Cathedral. We have continued to conduct many baptisms, marriages and funeral services within the Cluster throughout the year and commended into the hands of God many faithful members of our congregations over this past year. The overall annual attendance in each church has remained fairly static with some churches experiencing slight growth and welcoming new congregational members into the church family. There was however encouraging attendance throughout the cluster churches for the services during Christmas and Easter again this year. It has been another difficult year with the paying of Mission and Ministry Fund (MMF) but the cluster has once again (for the sixth year running) paid it’s MMF commitment in full. Our heartfelt thanks go to all the parishes for this tremendous effort, and for their realistic and generous offers for 2017. Throughout the year in each church there has been busy worship and social programmes including Lent courses, Lent lunches, lunch club, fetes, musical festivals, fund raising events, harvest suppers, Christingle and Carol Services, Midnight masses, and many more and as if that wasn’t enough all 8 Churches continue to be well maintained, clean, tidy, organised and open for worship and social interaction week after week. Our sincere thanks go to all who work so hard in so many aspects of church life. Our young people’s work within the cluster is continuing develop well with three Messy Churches in Stithians, St. Day & Carnon Valley based in Devoran which launched in September 2016 and as with the others is an ecumenical project with the Methodists. Dom attended the international Messy Church conference in London and met with leaders of Messy Churches from across the world. All Age Worship is flourishing across the cluster with many of our services being led by teams of local worship leaders sharing the worship and planning. Open the Book assemblies are taking place regularly in many of our schools as well as the clergy paying regular visits and three of our clergy taking on school governor roles. The annual holiday club in Perranwell also took place on the theme of ‘Jungle Jamboree’ and was well attended and enjoyed by those who came experiencing a high number in children. The clergy team continue to take Home Communion to many members of our local community and visit those in Hospital, and our thanks to those who have let us known who has needed visiting. The annual cluster retreat took place at Glastonbury Abbey House, where members of the cluster enjoyed four days of bible study, fellowship, and worship. The retreat included a trip to Wells Cathedral and the Christmas markets in Exeter and hike up Glastonbury tor. During the year, the Bishop of Truro undertook his ‘Visit in Parish’ across the cluster where he attended services, schools, lunch club and met many parishioners. The parishes welcomed the opportunity to discuss the original formation of the cluster along with the advantages and disadvantages of being a cluster. The Bishop also joined us for our five-year celebration of the cluster which took place at Perranwell Village hall where a service took place with various members from the cluster taking part and was followed a BBQ that was enjoyed by all. The cluster team continue to meet each week on Thursday mornings for communion in the community house chapel and the staff meeting in the lounge. Simon began Accompanied Ministerial Development in June 2015 and Dom began his journey in 2016, they have both been meeting regularly with AMD advisor and the ministry development team to discuss the theme of each college and review the impact of AMD across the cluster. All the licensed clergy attend regular ‘Continuing Ministerial Education’ and have undertook training on Christenings, Funerals, Anglicanism, and conflict in the church. As a result of the christening study day the we have revised and rewritten the christening orders of services across the cluster. We conclude by once again thanking you for your continued support and for all that you do for Christ’s Church and please be assured of our thanks and prayers for you all.
With every blessing
Simon & Dom - February 2017

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